You hurt my bunny*

Thought about my online persona. Secrets doesn’t equal Lea doesn’t equal Leonora doesn’t equal Liebes doesn’t equal leetscha. Still, it’s all a part of me. I like how we can diversify ourselves today and love to play the game, I truly do.

Leonora turned 30 last week. Secrets is ageless. My personal little nameless me doesn’t really care. The fact that I don’t want to fall in love (let me just have this illusion for the next few sentences, please…) hasn’t stopped others to do so. *sigh*
How do you tell someone that his heart will shortly be broken? How do you get a message like “But I don’t” across without hurting the other?

A friend of mine had a great point during one of our recent talks: No one took care of our hearts when they broke them.

Well then. Let’s stick to honesty. DON’T PANIC.

I love you all, but not like that. And it’s not that I don’t miss decent tongue-kissing.

Appreciate your hearts. I do.


*now that’s a search term to find me here.


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